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1. Legal notices

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UNION DES MAISONS DE CHAMPAGNE (UMC), previously the Syndicat de Grandes Marques de Champagne founded in 1882.
The UMC is a professional syndicate created under French law, headquartered at 1 rue Marie Stuart, 51100 Reims.
Siret Number: 780 428 777 00012.
Legal status: Professional order or similar.
Phone: +33 (0)3 26 47 26 89
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Publishing Director: David Chatillon

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The contents of this website, including updates are generated by the UMC, whose contributors are responsible for content production and management with occasional input since the website’s inception from young computer science students undertaking work experience (successively: Quentin Thiaucourt, Maxime Rameix, Jérôme Cressiot, Stéphane N’Guyen, Arnaud Cornu, Aymeric Brugnon, Pierre-Antoine de Amorin, Xavier Léoni, Nicolas Lançon).

The UMC extends its thanks to the writers, historians and photographers who so generously agreed to make their works publicly available on our website. Special thanks go to:

  • Colonel François Bonal, Eric Glâtre, Patrick Demouy, Jacques Mambret, Yann Harlaut, for their contributions to the Encyclopédie du Champagne;
  • Dr Tran-Ky for his insights on the health effects of Champagne;
  • Alain Tricot for the "Cathédrale de Champagne" website;
  • Gérard Hartmann, Serge Leroy and Alain Jacquart for the "Champagne Berceau de l’Aviation du Monde" website.

If you believe that any of the information published on our site is incorrect or inaccurate then please contact us at We will conduct a thorough investigation and make changes as necessary.

Where we are notified of any content or image that allegedly infringes intellectual property rights we will delete the contested item immediately pending a more thorough investigation. Users should be aware that the UMC was a driving force behind the establishment of L’Union des Fabricants (Unifab), which since its creation in the late 19th Century has worked to protect intellectual and industrial property at global level.

The contents of this website and the present Terms & conditions are subject to French Law and were written in French. In the event of any differences between the original French and a translation, notwithstanding the efforts made by the UMC to ensure the faithfulness of that translation, the original French version takes precedence.

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2. Site Access

In accessing this site, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.
The contents of this site are for personal use only, not for any commercial, political or advertising purposes nor for the purposes of sales prospecting such as the sending of unsolicited emails.

Every day some 1,500+ users visit this website in search of information on one of the many topics contained within its pages see site plan). Any comments, criticisms or suggestions may be forwarded by email We promise to give them our full attention.

3. Site Contents

The purpose of this website is to provide objective INFORMATION to adult users (ie people aged 18 and over who are aware of the health risks of alcohol abuse). The contents of this website represent more than 10,000 pages, based on historical and updated data that have been verified for accuracy, focusing on the following subjects:

  • the cellars and crayères (chalk pits) of Champagne (tourist information and historical details);
  • terroirs and grape production;
  • the winemaking process;
  • Champagne tasting (always in moderation);
  • history, events, arts & humanities and other subjects related to Champagne.

The purpose of this website precludes any form of direct advertising or promotion by the individual Champagne Houses that make up its membership.

The UMC website and its companion sites therefore include no selling proposition and will not disclose any personal information about the thousands of users who visit its sites daily, not even to the Champagne Houses that make up the UMC membership.

All of the marques (trademarks), photographs, texts, comments, illustrations, images, whether animations or stills, video clips and sounds, together with all of the application software that may be used in the operation of this website and more generally all of the elements reproduced or used on this website are protected by the Intellectual Property laws currently in force. They are the exclusive property of the publisher (in particular, the Grandes Marques Champagne brands). Any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation of this website and its contents, including the software applications, in whole or in part and in any manner whatsoever, is strictly forbidden without the prior written consent of the publisher or, where applicable, the Marque (Trademark owner) concerned. Anyone wishing to reproduce a work that displays a marque (trademark) must request permission from the owner of the Marque so represented, even where such use complies with copyright law. Unauthorized use of this site may be prosecuted. The fact that the publisher does not bring proceedings on learning of such use constitutes neither an acceptance of said uses nor a decision not to bring proceedings in the future.

The themes, slogans, visuals and advertising and promotional materials presented on this site complied with the regulations in force at the time of their creation and dissemination in France. They are presented here purely for historical and informative purposes to illustrate how Champagne is perceived in France and abroad. The works of art reproduced here meanwhile reflect the creative freedom of the artist in question.

Access to our Extranet - see Extranet in the Professional section - is reserved for the Grandes Marques Champagne brands and/or Houses. To obtain access to the information on these pages, you must first request an access code and password from: You assume full responsibility for the proper use of this access code and password, which are strictly personal and intended for your SOLE use. A Web-based unsubscribe mechanism will automatically block multiple access using one identical code.

4. Site Management

To ensure the proper management of the website, the publisher reserves the right to do any of the following, at any time:

  • suspend, terminate or restrict access to the website or any part of the website, or reserve access to the website or some parts of the website to a specific category of internet user;
  • delete any information that could interfere with the proper working of the website or contravene national or international legislation or the core rules of Netiquette,
  • interrupt operation of the website to update the materials on the site.

5. Limitation of liability

In no event shall the publisher be liable for any malfunction, breakdown, difficulty or dysfunction that prevents access to the website or any one of its functions.

6. Hyperlinks

The creation of hyperlinks to this website and its pages is permitted.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the publisher reserves the right to demand the removal of links without notice.

7. Cookies

When you visit our website we may automatically collect certain basic information about you — for instance, your IP address, browser type, operating system and the duration of your visit. We will use such information only to track usage, traffic patterns and audience sizes in order to refine the design and layout of our site. Cookies are also used in the administration and planning of this website and more generally to improve the service we offer to our users.

8. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions governing use of this website are subject to French Law and shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Rheims, subject to the jurisdiction that has been conferred by statutes or by virtue of particular regulations.

All of these legal notices and/or codes of practices apply equally to companion sites of the UMC that cover particular topics.