UMC - Grandes Marques et Maisons de Champagne

The keys to the wines of Champagne

The Vine

Crowers in Champagne know all about vines. They know as much about vines as they do about wines, which is a very great deal indeed.
Their whole approach to viticulture is based on vine-minded principles, forged by centuries of dedication to an ideal: to obtain the best results possible from a challenging growing environment. Growing vines has never been easy in this cold, northerly climate. The effect of climate on vine morphology is just one of the factors now addressed by an overall vitcultural that is examining such factors as density, vine selection, grafting, etc. But now as ever, the core work of winegrowing is the daily round of vineyard maintenance tasks, and most especially pruning.

These vine-minded principles are embodied in the environmentally friendly viticulture that we see practised in Champagne today - another step on the road to progress and excellence in Champagne-making.