UMC - Grandes Marques et Maisons de Champagne

Champagne, star of the seventh art


“Champagne and the cinema: two inventions, two centuries apart, that stand as testament to the creativity of the French. For more than 125 years now, bubbly and cinema have gone hand in hand – an enduring relationship that dates back to the Lumière Brothers’ first films and continues to the present day.

This exhibition invites you to revisit their shared history. Brought to you by the Union of Champagne Houses, it presents a line-up of films that showcase the “Grandes Marques” or “Big Brands” as portrayed by Hollywood’s greatest screen legends in the guise of super-heroes, cowboys, outlaws and secret agents.

As a long-time actor and long-time Champagne lover, I was an active supporter of the “Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars” for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List. I am therefore doubly pleased to sponsor this fascinating backwards look at the love story between Champagne and cinema.

Enjoy your visit!”

Pierre Arditi


Dear visitor,

Welcome to this retrospective of films featuring Champagne: a look back at the relationship between “Champagne” and the cinema since its invention by the Lumière brothers in 1895. The Champagne Houses and Grandes Marques appear on screen because they form part of that creative universe, not for publicity purposes. Likewise the films presented in the exhibition are selected purely for their historical and visual significance, not for promotional ends.
Drinking too much alcohol can harm your health – drink only in moderation.

Gabriel Leroux, author of the website