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Champagnes, lifetyles and design trends

Champagnes of the Body

When nostalgia strikes, your epicurean soul longs for the simple pleasures in life - dining al fresco, picnics on the grass and an enchanting whiff of woodlands, musk and leather.

Champagnes of the Heart

Soft, warm and caressing, Champagnes of the Heart are the perfect wines to serve with light refreshments. Their aromas of honey, caramel and candied citrus will transport your guests to a cushiony world of heady enthusiasm.

Champagnes of the soul

Champagnes of the soul are for the adventurous gourmet in search of enchantment — the perfect accompaniment to moments of sensual pleasure, majestic surroundings and elegant evening wear.

Champagnes of the Spirit

Fresh, vivacious, enticing - Champagnes of the Spirit are an invitation to dazzle at parties as you hold forth with irresistible panache, sipping the bubbling elixir in your glass. Lively beyond compare, Champagnes of the Spirit overflow with springtime aromas of fresh grass, crisp fruit, almonds and linden blossom.