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1914-18 War

As the bombs rained down above them, local inhabitants sought refuge underground in the cellars of the Champagne Houses. And so began a whole new underground existence that would continue for the duration of World War 1.

1928 - Reims Exhibition

In 1928 the City of Reims staged an exhibition that was jointly sponsored by the Syndicat du Commerce des Vins de Champagne.

1932 - Festival of Champagne

In 1932, the Syndicat du Commerce des Vins de Champagne spearheaded a major festival in honour of Dom Pierre Pérignon and the 250th anniversary of the ’invention’ of sparkling Champagne — an event attended by many celebrities.

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Fêtes des vins de France

The Fête des Vins de France was held in Reims in 1935. Four years later Champagne sent a delegation to attend the Montpellier edition.