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Château de Pékin

In 1869 Eugène Mercier paved the way for the opening of his Champagne House by buying a hillside alongside an isolated property called the Château de Pékin and commissioning the building of immense cellars.

Four years later he bought the chateau itself complete with all the facilities required to run a Champagne House: warehouses, wine presses, stockrooms (for newly disgorged bottles and those ready for release) and, of course, immense cellars ...
The chateau’s previous owner was François Abelé de Muller, head of the Abelé Champagne House in Rheims.
All that changed in 1873 when the historic Château de Pékin became the Head Office of Mercier Champagne (at least until 1878) together with Eugène Mercier’s private residence. His daughter Blanche, wife of Georges Lemaître (who became a Mercier associate in 1892) would live at the Chateau Pékin all her life.
In the late 20th Century the House of Mercier handed over the keys to the property (chateau and grounds) to a winegrower from the Val du Loire who resettled in Champagne.