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Tour de Castellane

The de Castellane Champagne House was established in 1895 by Viscount Florens, headquartered in premises that were designed and constructed by the then famous architect Marius Toudoire.

The de Castellane campus consists of a harmonious grouping of red brick buildings, surmounted with dressed stone balustrades and adorned with sculptures and enamelled details — an architectural style typical of the period and much admired by the many tourists who visit Epernay.

The building facades proudly display the names of de Castellane’s shipping destinations — Brussels, London, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Alexandria to mention but a few. For decades now, de Castellane Grande Marque Champagne has enjoyed speedy access to the world’s most cosmopolitan cities thanks to a direct rail link connecting the House’s cellars with the mainline SNCF network.

To visit the cellars, the tower or the museum of traditional Champagne trades, contact the de Castellane visitor centre:
Tel: 03 26 51 19 11