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Gueux Château and Park

Formerly a Louis Roederer property, Gueux Chateau and Park has been home to Rheims’ golf club, famous for its world-class golf course, since 1928.

In 1856, Eugène Roederer (1815-1876) and his wife (née Boisseau), co-owners of the eponymous Grande Marque Champagne House, bought the then sadly dilapidated Chateau Gueux and determined to preserve it for posterity. So they built a new chateau in the park, in a neo-Renaissance style, which survived until 1918 when it was destroyed.
Eugène Roederer was mayor of Gueux from 1857 to 1876, and devoted himself to the interests of the village. He and his wife showed great generosity and social awareness, endowing the village with a gendarmerie, town hall and several schools. They also replaced the cramped village church with a larger one, built in the neo-Gothic style but also sadly destroyed in 1918.

The Rheims Golf Club came into being 10 years later, set in the chateau’s grounds amid rolling woods and valleys. Founded by a group of Grandes Marques Champagne Houses, it ranks today as one of the world’s premier golf destinations.


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