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Hôtel de la Mutualité

The Hôtel de la Mutualité was gafted to the town of Rheims by the House of Louis Roederer. Originally it also housed the music conservatory.

After the devastation of World War I, Rheims rose from the ashes, a hospital was built and the cathedral acquired a new roof thanks to the generosity of its allies, notably the Americans. This renaissance was the opportunity for architects to express their creativity in new ideas that became known as Art Deco. In 1926, the House of Roederer generously offered to build a mansion as home to both the music conservatory and the Caisse de Secours Mutuelle (a health insurance association). The project was placed with Art Deco affcionados, Cuviller and Amann architects.

The music conservatory occupied that part of the building on the Cours Langlet, where you can see bas-reliefs with a musical theme by the sculptor Edouard Sedley. Inside, a mural by painter Edmond Chauvet (cf. below) depicts the benefits enjoyed by Champagne employees at each stage of their life, thanks to the Mutuelle du Champagne insurance scheme, created in 1886 on the initiative of the Champagne Grandes Marques.

In 1886, the Champagne Houses sponsored the creation of the Rheims Société de Secours Mutuels, established for the benefit of coopers and cellar workers. The aim of this association was to "insure its members in case of sickness, for medical treatment and financial compensation, temporary assistance in case of incapacity, and finally, in case of death, to provide for fitting funeral arrangements."

In the minutes of its Annual General Meeting of 25 May 1887, the president of the Union des Maisons de Champagne expressed the hope that this form of collaboration would not be limited to the town of Rheims and promised that the Champagne Houses would offer their "sympathy and assistance" to insurance schemes set up elsewhere in the department. In 1934, the music conservatory moved out and the building was wholly taken over by the Caisse de Secours Mutuelle, which remains the case today.