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Our American allies, the great patrons of Rheims

After joining the "Allies" in 1917, the United States eventually committed their forces to bring freedom to Europe in the two World Wars. Then from 1947 to 1951, they financed the "Marshall Plan" in aid of those countries that had been devastated by war.

Thanks to their generosity, the war-ravaged economies of Western Europe recovered, while the totalitarian East (which had refused American aid) had to wait more than half a century for brighter tomorrows.

Rheims benefitted considerably from the Marshall Plan, which was implemented through the intermediary of such great figures as American statesman Myron T Herrick.

John D Rockefeller (together with Denmark) was the main patron of the difficult, 10-year rebuilding of the cathedral roof, destroyed by shelling on 19 September 1914.

The Andrew Carnegie Foundation was created in 1905 for the purpose of making great literature accessible to all

  • Edith Bangs
    launched the building of a hospital

Spurred on by its president Mrs Edith Bangs and supported by generous private American sponsors, the American Memorial Hospital Foundation financed the construction of a hospital in Rheims.

The American Hospital remains a centre for pediatric care (medicine, surgery, radiology ...) with around 150 beds available.
It continues to enjoy annual financial support from American sponsors, helping to save of some 200 severely premature babies every year.

The American Committee for Devastated France (CARD) built a huge tennis club in the centre of Rheims (Bd de la Paix) with 18 courts and a large swimming pool.

CARD, which stands for Comité Américain pour les Régions Dévastées, was set up by Anne Morgan to assist in the rebuilding of Devastated France. Generously funded by American donors, CARD financed the launch of scout groups, so youth from every background might discover nature, sport and team spirit, all of the values on which America is founded.