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Champagne & health

"Champagne is made for people who enjoy conversation not for drunkards.
It is an aid to the intelligence, contrary to other beverages that dull the mind".

The Mediterranean has a long tradition of wine-drinking, so let’s take a look at what research in this area tells us about the health benefits (or otherwise) of wine.

  • Some studies confirm the health benefits of moderate wine consumption, based on detailed analysis of wine constituents and setting out daily limits of no more than two glasses for women (except while pregnant when total abstinence is recommended) and three glasses for men.
  • More recent studies question the benefits of regular alcohol consumption — even when consumed moderately.

Out advice therefore is to reserve Champagne for special occasions as part of a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables but low on salt, sugar and fats. Most important, exercise regularly and adopt a generally healthy lifestyle.

The difficulty of reconciling conflicting lines of evidence means that the alcohol debate will rage on. In the meantime, leading Grandes Marques Champagne Houses and some of France’s top wine producers are among those undertaking research into the effects of wine on health and behaviour. For more information see the detailed research findings published by the IREB (institute for scientific research on beverages) and "Entreprise et Prévention" (a French organisation set up to address the issue of the misuse of alcohol).