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At harvest time, the winemaker’s first responsibility is to test the quality of the newly-pressed grape musts in the winery laboratory.

Every batch undergoes rigorous sampling and analysis on arrival at the winery. The winemaker is also in charge of:

  • preparing the yeasts for the upcoming fermentation;
  • supervising the fermentation process itself (in thermostatically-controlled tanks or barrels).

Under the guidance of the Cellar Master, the winemaker then decides the proportion of these new base wines that are required to blend a wine with the unmistakable taste of the brand.
From that point onwards, the winemaker is entirely responsible for the quality of the finished wine that is sold to the consumer. They supervise the bottling of the blended wine, together with its aging and second fermentation. They determine the appropriate amount of liqueur de dosage for the wine in question and they supervise final corking, using corks they have selected themselves.

House winemakers hold regular consultations under the auspices of the "Union des Œnologues de Champagne" (Champagne union of oenologists)


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Champagne celebrities
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Champagne celebrities