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News 2022

09.21.2022 : The Champagne harvest, a splendid and promising vintage

The last grapes are picked, the pressing centres have delivered up their final musts, fermentation is under way, and the Champagne harvest that started on 20 August for the earliest-ripening crus is now complete. Learn more

07.20.2022 : Champagne region is committed to the future

For over 100 years, Champagne growers and gouses have been working together to manage and protect the interests of the appellation collectively. Champagne growers and houses met in Epernay within the Comité Champagne and agreed on the circumstances of the next harvest and on the new strategic directions for the sector. Learn more

01.19.2022 : Sales recover in 2021, and cautious optimism for 2022

Total shipments of Champagne in 2021 rose to 322 million bottles, an increase of 32% over 2020. The market in France was up by 25% at nearly 142 million bottles, a return to 2019 levels. Exports continued to rise, to a new record of 180 million bottles. Learn more

News 2021

09.08.2021 : A start date for the Champagne harvest

The 2021 Champagne harvest strated on 6 September. Wheather conditions are good for the ripening of the grapes, but conditions across the vineyard are unusually varied. Because Champagne always picks its grapes by hand, this means that the organisation of picking this year will have to be adjusted. Learn more

07.05.2021 : Champagne strongly opposes new Russian legislation

The Champagne region is outraged by the new Russian legislation on wine labelling. While Champagne wines retain the exclusive right to use the name "Champagne" in Latin characters on the main label, the law forces them to renounce the term "Shampanskoe" - a translation of the name Champagne in Russian - and present themselves as "sparkling wines" in Cyrillic characters on the back label. Only Russian sparkling wines will now be allowed to use the name "Shampanskoe". Learn more

01.26.2021 : Despite an 18% drop in volumes, the Champagne sector is fighting back

Shipments of Champagne in 2020 totalled 245 million bottles, down 18% compared to 2019. The health crisis is a blow, but Champagne has taken steps to meet the challenge. Learn more

News 2020

11.12.2020 : Paraguay recognizes and protects the Champagne appellation of origin

In a decision dated October 29, 2020, the National Directorate of Intellectual Property of Paraguay officially registered the Champagne appellation. Hereafter, the Champagne appellation will be recognized and protected throughout the Paraguayan territory against any misuse or derived term of its name. Learn more

09.09.2020 : An outstanding 2020 harvest

The front runners were picking from 17 August, which made this the earliest harvest in the history of Champagne – and the quality is outstanding! This year continued the exceptional pattern set by 2018 and 2019. A top-quality harvest is the first requirement for the production of a Grand Vin, and weather conditions were just right to deliver that. Learn more

11.02.2020 : 2019 Champagne shipments - The value creation continues despite an uncertain context

Champagne shipments in 2019 reached nearly 297,5 million bottles, that is -1.6% compared to 2018. Learn more

News 2019

09.25.2019 : 2019 is another superb Champagne harvest

Champagne has experienced the effects of global warming, with an increase in average temperature of 1.1°C across the past 30 years. This has so far proved an advantage for our wines, and the winegrowing year 2019 is no exception. Periods of frost in spring did destroy a proportion of buds, but the main factor was heatwave, especially in June and July, which caused scalding that burned up more than 10% of the potential harvest.
This was a year when Champagne experienced its highest temperatures on record, with 42.9°C recorded on 25 July. Learn more

03.17.2019 : 2018 Champagne Exports, many growth drivers beyond established markets

Last year’s total turnover for Champagne set a new record of close to €4.9 billion (+0.3% compared with 2017). Volumes are lower (-1.8% to 301.9 million bottles). France and the UK, which account for 60% of total sales, are responsible for most of this decline: their respective volumes are down 4%, although their turnover has
held its own (-2%) thanks to better valorisation of the cuvées. Overall, exports are on an upward trajectory (+0.6% in volume and +1.8% in revenue). Learn more

12.02.2021 : Champagne shipments in 2017

The final figures for Champagne shipments in 2017 are now avalable Total sales amounted to 307.3 million bottles, that is +0.4% compared to 2016. Learn more