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News 2023

10.16.2023 - Champagne winegrowers and houses propose tangible solutions for improving conditions for harvest workers

Following its Executive Board meeting on October 16, the Comité Champagne* announced its first concrete proposals to tackle the challenges facing grape harvesting in Champagne. The proposals aim to ensure that the tragic events of this year never recur by taking all necessary preventive measures. Learn more

09.04.2023 - Champagne’s 2023 harvest has started

The 2023 harvest in Champagne commenced on Saturday, 2 September, and despite difficult weather during ripening, the region expects a high-quality harvest. The fully manual harvest will cover 34,000 hectares of Champagne vineyards, needing 100,000-120,000 workers over the coming weeks. Whilst some sectors have just started harvesting, the majority of the vineyards will start in the next few days. Learn more

07.19.2023 - Champagne prepares for the upcoming harvest

As per each year, Champagne winegrowers and houses within the Comité Champagne, met in Epernay to agree on the conditions for this year’s upcoming harvest. Learn more

04.18.2023 - Protected designation of origin: destruction of beer cans abusively bearing the designation Champagne

On April 17, 2023, the Comité Champagne and the General Administration of Belgian Customs destroyed a shipment of 2,352 cans of American beer with the inscription “The Champagne of Beers”. Learn more

02.14.2023 - The Champagne sector presents a major investment plan for the next decade, and sets the course for the future of Champagne

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, February 14, 2023 - For more than 120 years, the winegrowers and houses of Champagne have worked together to maintain balance within the Champagne sector and the influence of the appellation around the world. Like their predecessors, the people of Champagne today are laying the ground for the prosperity of tomorrow. Today, the Comité Champagne unveils the sector’s plan the for next decade and defines a global trajectory to meet the challenges of the next ten years - a plan to ensure that Champagne is always available, always desirable and always exemplary. In the course of five years, the Comité Champagne will increase its annual budget by an additionnal €10 million, which will be invested in particular in R&D, the sustainability and strengthening its foundational missions. Learn more

01.18.2023 - Champagne : 326 million bottles shipped in 2022, cautious optimism for 2023

With 326 million bottles, Champagne shipments rose in 2022 by 1.6% per compared with the previous year – proof of the dynamism of the global Champagne market, both in terms of volume and value. The value of shipments for the first time passed the 6 billion euro threshold. Learn more