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Champagne growers’ union

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15,700 Champagne Growers cultivate 34,300 hectares.

More than 10,000 Growers sell their grapes to the Champagne Houses and some 4,700 Growers produce and market their own Champagne wines, either directly via a Cooperative.

Created on 21 August 1904, the Syndicat Général des Vignerons de la Champagne (SGV) now embraces practically all of the grape producers in the Champagne AOC area (more than 15,000) regardless of the size of their vineyard holding.
Its scope encompasses the whole of the Champagne AOC production area, extending over more than 300 wine growing communes in five departments, including a "local section" in each commune that comprises at least seven independent Champagne Growers.

The objectives of the SGV are, and have always been, as follows:

  • the defence of the "Champagne" name and the promotion and economic organisation of the Champagne AOC region in consultation with the Champagne Houses within the framework of the CIVC (Comité Champagne).
  • the provision of business support to winegrowers (individual advice, training and other services).
  • the representation of Champagne Growers at national level.
  • the promotion of Grower Champagne.

The ongoing dialogue between elected officials from all of the villages represented by the SGV makes it possible to reach a much-needed consensus with the Champagne Houses on the issue of protecting the common interests of the community of Champagne Growers as a whole.

Presidents of the SGV since inception:

Year President Director
2016 Maxime TOUBART - Le Breuil Corinne GENIN
2010 Pascal FERAT - Vertus Alain d’ANSELME
2009 Patrick LE BRUN - Avize Nicolas OZANAM
2004 Roland CHAILLON
1994 Philippe FENEUIL - Chamery
1979 Marc BRUGNON - Ecueil
1978 Armand LESNE
1960 Henri GEOFFROY - Vertus Jean NOLLEVALLE
1946 Henri MACQUART - Pourcy
1945 Albert DAGONNET - Boursault
1941 Gaston POITTEVIN - Cumière Maurice DOYARD - Vertus
1925 Victor PHILBERT - Rilly-la-Montagne
1924 Alphonse PERRIN - Cumières
1909 Paul BALOURDET - Ambonnay
1904 Edmond BIN - Verzenay