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Union of Champagne Oenologists

The "Union des œnologues de France’ (union of French oenologists) was established in 1959 when oenology became recognized as a distinct scientific discipline. Every major wine region with AOC designation (Champagne, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Alsace, etc.) is supported by a regional section of qualified oenologists who provide their services regardless of their professional commitments. regardless d’une section régionale qui regroupe les œnologues diplômés quelle que soit l’entreprise dans laquelle ils exercent leur spécialité.

The ’Union des Œnologues de France - Région Champagne’ (union of French oenologists - Champagne region) is now of the most important in France. Its members work closely with the Centre d’Enseignement d’Œnologie
de la Faculté des Sciences de Reims (oenology department of the Faculty of Science, Reims University), helping with student selection and teaching and also sitting on examination boards.

Among their other strengths, oenologists have a particular talent for the sensory (or organoleptic) evaluation of wine. Hence their appeal to such a wide range of organisations, government agencies and private firms alike..

Champagne oenologists meet regularly on a social basis but also to strengthen their bonds with colleagues from around the world, focusing on the key issues facing the subtle science of wine today.

Successive Presidents of the ’Union des Œnologues de France - Région Champagne’:

Year President Champagne House
2016 Wilfrid DEVAUGERMÉ Besserat de Bellefon
2010 Jean-François PERROT-MINNOT .
2001 Vincent MALHERBE Moët & Chandon
1992 Thierry GASCO Pommery
1987 Régis CAMUS Charles Heidsieck
1986 Jacques PETERS Veuve Clicquot
1980 Dominique FOULON Moët & Chandon
1974 René VANNETELLE Pol Roger
1971 Alain PARENTHOEN Moët & Chandon

Œnologues de France - Région Champagne
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