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Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne

The Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne is the official fraternity of committed Champagne enthusiasts, celebrating an Art de Vivre that dates back to the 16th Century and the Court of the Sun King.

Résidence Talleyrand
39 rue de Talleyrand
51100 REIMS
Tél : (33) 326 40 16 68

Ever since 1656 the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne has celebrated Champagne wines in all their diversity, unlike other wine fraternities that exist to promote the values of a particular vineyard or grape variety.
Its mission is to promote the variety, versatility, taste and other unique characteristics that make Champagne wines synonymous with success and celebration everywhere.
The Ordre des Coteaux organizes Chapters, tastings and other activities, spreading the message of Winegrowers and Champagne Houses worldwide through a network of committed supporters that includes professional restaurateurs and sommeliers, famous connoisseurs, people in show business, politics and the media.

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Successive Commanders of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne

2021 Christophe Juarez Nicolas Feuillatte
2018 Bruno Paillard Bruno Paillard
2015 Antoine Roland-Billecart Billecart-Salmon
2013 Fabrice Rosset Deutz
2011 Michel Drappier Drappier
2009 Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger Taittinger
2007 Pierre Cheval Gatinois
2005 Philippe Court Taittinger
2003 Yves Dumont Laurent-Perrier
2001 François-Xavier Mora Lanson - Marne et Champagne
1999 Jean-Marie Lefevre Pommery
1997 Marc Brugnon Vineyard owner
1995 Claude Taittinger Taittinger
1994 Bernard de Nonancourt Laurent-Perrier
1993 Yves Bénard Moët et Chandon
1992 Chistian de Billy Pol Roger
1968 Georges Prade Journalist
1956 Roger Gaucher Vineyard owner