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Region: Côte des Bar
Terroir: Barséquanais
Post Code: 10110
Commune Number: 10034

Agricultural holding

17 operators
Area of Holding: 19.20 ha

Area by grape variety:
  • 4.00 ha Chardonnay
  • 0.40 ha Meunier
  • 14.20 ha Pinots-Noirs
  • 0.60 ha other varieties
Churchde Bar-sur-Seine
Town hallde Bar-sur-Seine
Town hall



Cadoles de Champagne 1850

The Cadoles de Champagne are traditional dry stone huts on the Côte des Bar (Bar-sur-Seine and Bar-sur-Aube), built by winegrowers from the stones that lay around them and used to shelter from the weather in winter and summer alike.