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Patricia Cornwell

Littérature générale (1996)

CAUSE OF DEATH (Cause du décès)

By now, Lucy and Marino had entered the duplex and gone down the hall.

"I want to check the kitchen," I added as I set down the can.

"Good idea."

It was small and looked like it had not been renovated since the sixties, Inside cupboards I found old cook-ware and dozens of canned goods like tuna fish and soup, and snack foods like pretzels.

As for what Eddings had kept in his refrigerator, that was mostly beer. But I was interested in a single bottle of Louis **Roederer** Cristal Champagne tied in a big red bow.

"Find something ?" Wesley was looking under the sink.

"Maybe." I was still peering inside the refrigerator.

"This will set you back as much as a hundred and fifty dollars in a restaurant, maybe a hundred and twenty if you buy it off the shelf."

"Do we know how much this guy got paid ?"

"I don’t know. But I suspect it wasn’t a whole lot."

"He’s got a lot of shoe polish and cleansers down here, and that’s about it, Wesley said as he stood.