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Since 1882 the UMC has brought together all of the Grandes Marques brands and Champagne Houses that collectively underpin the worldwide reputation of Champagne wines. This website is specifically designed to teach you everything you need to know about their history and organization, their expertise and their ever-innovative ambitions.

Champagne only comes from Champagne, France


Dormancy in the vineyard sees winegrowers back at work pruning the vines – a job that will keep them busy until the following spring. Meanwhile, Champagne consumption takes off as consumers all over the world ring in the New Year just as they rang out the Old … around a glass of Champagne.

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Did you know?

In World War I, the Champagne House cellars were repurposed as shelters for local civilians and military personnel. Makeshift schools, hospitals, chapels and sleeping quarters were set up – even the Reims City Council moved its headquarters there. So began a whole new underground way of life, safe from the bombs that rained down from above.


For five generations, the village of Aÿ has been home to successive generations of the Philipponnat family. First they were growers and purveyors of wine to the court of Louis XIV. Then they became Champagne producers. In 1997 Philipponnat joined the Lanson-BCC group of family-driven Champagne brands.

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