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UNESCO World Heritage

The 39th Assembly of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, held in Bonn Germany on 4 July 2015, saw the Champagne Slopes, Houses and Cellars inscribed on Unesco’s World Heritage List.
The announcement marked the crowning achievement of some eight years of hard work, endorsing Champagne’s candidacy for inclusion as a site of outstanding value to humanity. The Champagne vineyard cultural landscape, henceforth enjoys World Heritage status — a designation awarded on the same day to the climats of Burgundy Les climats de Bourgogne.

{Terre de Champagne} (land of Champagne)

Discover the secrets behind the King of Wines and the Wine of Kings! Learn how Champagne is made and how it has developed over the centuries to become one of the world’s most special wines. Terre de Champagne invites you to explore the world of bubbly through the eyes of an independent filmmaker, filming entirely on location in the Champagne vineyards with help from the Comité Champagne.

The Champagne Terroir

With its northern location, distinctive climate and chalk subsoil the Champagne terroir is the only one of its kind — a land of legend, peopled by the men and women who nurture its reputation. This selection of Champagne-themed films looks at the realities of vineyard work, starting with Le Champagne - Histoire d’un mythe — a film to mark the 130th anniversary of the UMC that retraces the birth of the Champagne legend.

From vine to wine

The Champagne AOC is governed by very strict rules encompassing all aspects of the production process. These educational videos look at all of those stages in turn, from planting through winemaking to labeling and packaging — a long and complex series of processes that together ensure the excellence of the finished product.

Champagne tasting

These four films take a look at the subtle art of pairing and serving Champagne: tasting for the purposes of pure pleasure, based on a perfect match of aromas, flavours and textures.


A selection of films focusing on the unique character of Champagne wine and the men and women who have building its reputation for more than three centuries.