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Château des Crayères

The Château des Crayères was built in 1904 at the top of the Hill of Saint Nicaise in Rheims, by Melchior de Polignac (grandson of Madame Pommery). The architecture is representative of its time: sober but with an air of majestic power. These were the years that saw the development of industrial prosperity and wondrous new inventions such as aviation.

It was close to the future Château des Crayères that Henri Farman would land in 1908, completing the first-ever inter-city flight.

Within just a few years of the chateau’s completion, the president of Pommery would decide to donate an adjoining park of 22ha for the building of a multi-disciplinary sports college — so earning himself the title of France’s foremost sports patron.

For seven decades, the Château des Crayères remained the family residence of successive presidents of the House of Pommery.

In 1979, the estate passed to new owners who transformed the chateau into a hotel and pinnacle of haute cuisine — a gourmet retreat where guests could discover the terroirs and techniques of the Grande Marque Champagnes at the heart of the region’s international standing.