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Statue of the baptism of Clovis

The year 1996 marked the passing of fifteen centuries since the baptism of Clovis by Saint-Remi, archbishop of Rheims. This event in 496 was effectively the founding moment for France and the beginning of Christian influence in Europe.

To celebrate the occasion Jean-Claude Rouzaud, president of Champagne House Louis Roederer, erected a magnificent statue that he commissioned from Dutch Christian artist, Daphné du Barry.

Located close to the south portal of the Saint-Remi Basilica, Daphné du Barry’s "Statue of Clovis I" reminds tourists of the historic events that took place in the city of Rheims. His Holiness Pope John Paul personally thanked the president of Louis Roederer for his generosity and congratulated the artist when he visited Rheims on 21 September 1996.