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Villa Demoiselle

An emblem of Rheims architecture, the Villa Demoiselle combines Art Nouveau and Art Deco to delightful effect. Take a trip back in time and step into a Champagne House that is graced with a uniquely refined decor.

The Villa Demoiselle is among the Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars included on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Having slept like Sleeping Beauty for thirty years, the beautiful Villa Demoiselle has now awoken more beautiful than ever — decked out in all its finery for the New Millennium.

An original creation by Louise Pommery, this emblem of Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture was constructed in 1909 on Rheims’ Boulevard Henry Vasnier by the architect Louis Sorel (1867-1934). The Villa is set in magnificent grounds designed by Edouard Redont, also the designer of the famous Parc Pommery that made Pommery Champagne France’s foremost patron of sports.

The project brought together a task force encompassing more than twenty design disciplines including some of the greatest specialists in their field: stained glass windows by master glazier Auguste Labouret; sculpted fireplaces and wood carvings by Camille Lefèvre; furniture by Tony Selmerscheim; paintings by Georges Picard; murals by Félix Aubert; chandeliers from the Baguès workshops. No effort was spared to make the Villa Demoiselle a jewel of Champagne’s architectural heritage.

The Villa Demoiselle today is assured a bright future, perched on the heights of the Hill of Saint Nicaise, itself classified "a site of remarkable distinction by the minister for Culture", and commanding a magnificent view of the cathedral.

Tourists and art lovers are now spoiled for choice: either the House of Pommery’s Gallo-Roman chalk pits, or the ineffable charm of another age at the Villa Demoiselle. Two major sites of Champagne heritage and Champagne wine that enhance the international reputation of the Champagne Grandes Marques and epitomize their respective Houses: Pommery and La Demoiselle-Vranken.