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The art of tasting

Grande Marque Champagne Houses produce a richly diverse range of wines —but all with that same thrill of anticipation as you wait for the soft "pop" of the cork leaving the bottle. Follow a few simple rules of "Champagne etiquette" and you can be sure that serving and tasting the wine will be quite as much of a thrill.

The fundamentals

Champagne is an experience for all of the senses. Learning to appreciate Champagne opens your mind to a multidimensional universe where colour, aroma and effervescence play off each other — a performance always recognizable but never quite the same. It is this richly varied expression that makes Champagne so irresistible.

Before opening the bottle

Perfect for a special occasion Grande Marque Champagne is also a pleasure in itself. To enjoy it at its best however, some golden rules should be observed before opening the bottle.

Serving Etiquette

Serving a Grande Marque Champagne is a ceremony in itself and worthy of a few preparations to bring out the essence of the bouquet.

Maximise the pleasure

Learn to avoid common mistakes when storing and drinking Champagne and which food pairings are best suited to particular occasions.