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Managing a House vineyard

A House that owns a Champagne vineyard can manage that vineyard in various ways:

  • by employing an in-house workforce of salaried vineyard worker/tractor drivers, often working on a piece-work basis, and therefore relatively independent.
  • by outsourcing major seasonal tasks to external service providers.
  • by working in partnership with a professional winegrower, within the framework of a long-term lease based on crop sharing or the payment of rent.

The vineyard manager puts in place the chosen option or a combination of options to suit different parts of the vineyard (by plot, by grape variety, by area, etc) with particular regard for the continuing wellbeing of the vines and the environment.

The position of vineyard manager requires a high level of agronomy expertise, which must be regularly updated and supported by an understanding of the division of labour and the principles of team working.
L’A.R.V.C. gives House vineyard managers the opportunity to come together and share their experience.