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News 2019

09.25.2019 - 2019 is another superb Champagne harvest

Champagne has experienced the effects of global warming, with an increase in average temperature of 1.1°C across the past 30 years. This has so far proved an advantage for our wines, and the winegrowing year 2019 is no exception. Periods of frost in spring did destroy a proportion of buds, but the main factor was heatwave, especially in June and July, which caused scalding that burned up more than 10% of the potential harvest.
This was a year when Champagne experienced its highest temperatures on record, with 42.9°C recorded on 25 July. Learn more

03.17.2019 - 2018 Champagne Exports, many growth drivers beyond established markets

Last year’s total turnover for Champagne set a new record of close to €4.9 billion (+0.3% compared with 2017). Volumes are lower (-1.8% to 301.9 million bottles). France and the UK, which account for 60% of total sales, are responsible for most of this decline: their respective volumes are down 4%, although their turnover has
held its own (-2%) thanks to better valorisation of the cuvées. Overall, exports are on an upward trajectory (+0.6% in volume and +1.8% in revenue). Learn more

12.02.2019 - Champagne shipments in 2017

The final figures for Champagne shipments in 2017 are now avalable Total sales amounted to 307.3 million bottles, that is +0.4% compared to 2016. Learn more