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The Champagne industry makes a major contribution to the French economy, accounting for France’s second largest international trade surplus and 20% of the total export value of French wines and spirits. All this from a production zone representing just four percent of France’s total area under vine, but built on hard work and continuous investment every step of the way. At its heart are the Winegrowers and Champagne Houses whose energy makes it all possible, with the Champagne Houses taking centre stage in the drive to propel the entire appellation forward.

The Champagne Houses and their Grandes Marques

The Grandes Marques (literally ‘big brands’) of Champagne are the cornerstone of the prestige enjoyed by Champagne wines all over the world. Ever since the earliest days of Champagne, the Grandes Marques have played a decisive role in the economic development of the industry. With a presence in more than 200 countries, the Grandes Marques represent a turnover of three billion euros, of which exports account for 60%.

Winegrowing Champagne

Champagne, as the leader in French wines and spirits, makes a significant contribution to the health of the national economy. The Champagne AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) stands for quality, prestige and celebration, representing a priceless asset of the world’s "intangible" heritage. Champagne symbolises France in the world at large, the shared heritage of the people of Champagne who have been defending their legacy for the past 150 years.