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Post Code: 51480
Commune Number: 51202

Agricultural holding

188 operators
Area of Holding: 172.70 ha

Area by grape variety:
  • 35.10 ha Chardonnay
  • 44.20 ha Meunier
  • 93.20 ha Pinots-Noirs
  • 0.20 ha other varieties
Some vines form part of the vineyards owned by the following Houses:
Churchde Cumieres
Town hallde Cumieres
Town hall



Replica of the Palais Bourdon garden 1830

Walls can sometimes conceal strange secrets ... No-one would ever guess, for example, that behind the walls of this property in Cumières, owned by Champagne House Joseph Perrier, there is an exact replica of the botanical garden of the French National Assembly.

Joseph Perrier